Saturday, September 11, 2010

Final Presentation

Final Presentation
On Monday we had our final presentation. Our students really ground it out and hit the finish line a little beat up but still in good form. Due to timining of Euro-Bike and our critique date none of our corporate sponsors could attend. To make up for their absence Bill and I assembled a group of Designers, Educators, Engineers and Marketing specialist to give comment, good and bad, of each teams final outcomes. These professionals who attended were

Matt Miller: Industrial Designer, Ethicon

Mike Roller: Industrial Designer, Kaleidoscope

Pete Mendel: Director of Design, Lexmark

Daniel Armstron: Industrial Design Consultant

Bob Kain: Recumbent Bicycle engineer and inventor

Ann Mooney: Marketing Strategy Consultant.

Peter Chamberlain: UC Professor Industrial Design

Brigid O’Kane: UC Professor Industrial Design

Craig Vogel: UC Assistant Dean of the college of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning

Regular Folks: check out the vid!

Adult Pleasure




One final thanks to all our sponsors, Advanced Sports Inc, SRAM, LEVA, Ed Benjamin and most of all Bill Ropp. Without Bill’s time and energy this project could never have happened and been as successful as it was.

Now its over……or is it?
James Sloss and Jacklyn Woniger will be taking our show on the road and displaying our process and final outcomes at Inter-Bike. If your going, check us out at booth 6161.


Steven Doehler
Assistant Professor, Industrial Design
University of Cincinnati

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