Wednesday, June 30, 2010

3rd class

Class three: 06.29.10

Class III started out with a bang. Luke Elrath form Advanced Sports International came in from Philly to talk e-bikes. Luke is an extremely knowledgeable engineer with the unique talent of taking complex systems and verbalizing them in ways that are detailed yet very easy to understand. If anyone ever needs a technical person to talk to e-bikes to greenhorns, Luke is your man.

To start out Luke gave an overview of the e-bike anatomy. This quickly broke into detailed questions about componentry and how the systems actually work and more importantly how to make them work efficiently. Our students are not shy to raise their hands and are natural sponges for information. This open forum was perfect and went on for some time. The presentation and Q&A free for all lasted the better part of an hour and a half. I didn’t expect it to go that long, but questions kept coming and topics became more and more interesting. In the end Luke commented at the sophistication of the questions and was impressed by overall students enthusiasm.

Once the presentation/ talk was completed (Luke had no visuals…..didn’t need them to I guess it was a talk) the students gathered in their teams and put some of this new gained knowledge to work. Before long Luke and a couple of the teams got into deep discussions relating to price structure and strategy. At one point student James Sloss and Luke got into a discussion focusing on overall market strategies that drew over half the classes attention.

Our teams are really starting to understand their particular market segments and quickly gaining knowledge that is bringing them to a high level of understanding. Next Tuesday we present research then off to conceptualization.

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