Monday, June 28, 2010

UC e-bike studio: 1st class

Hi Everyone this is the initial post on our e-bike project,
We kicked off the class yesterday and it went extremely well. I went over some basic ground rules for the studio and how we would structure the development. Once that was completed Bill Ropp gave a very thorough overview of the e-bike market and current players. Bill thought this would put the students to sleep but only a few head bobers could be found. From there I had the students put together the bike samples Fuji sent us. This was great, I had those who had never worked with bikes do all the hands on stuff and those who had supervised. It all went well and the students are pumped about the project.

One thing I would ask of you all. We are currently in a research phase and I have asked each student to interview 5 people who are cyclist or not but would like to become more active. If any of you know anyone who would be willing to participate as a research subject please give them my contact info and I will pass it along to the appropiat team.

Thanks again

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