Saturday, July 17, 2010

Week 4

Ted, Tyler and friend (our engineering students)

Week 4

Our first class in week 4 started out with engineering students Ted Meyer and Tyler Ladd’s presentations focusing on the technical aspects of our project. Ted, whose focus is on aeronautical engineering, gave the students a very comprehensive overview of the key features of successful aerodynamic forms and configurations. Tyler, a student in biomedical engineering, took a more nuts and bolts approach. He focused on the physics behind gearing and torque. Both presentations were very informative and gave the design students some good info to chew on. Next week Tyler and Ted will be presenting on manufacturing process associated with bicycle design while the design students will be presenting their best 3 concepts.

For the past two weeks the students have been entrenched in concept development. This is were we take information gathered in research and turn it into product. I could write in detail about the concepts, but in stead, I will use the old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words”……if this it true, what would 65 pictures from each of the 25 students be in words? That’s how many concepts each student has come up with. Enjoy!

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