Friday, August 6, 2010

Week 5

Week 5

Week five was the mid-point in our quarter and marked our conceptualization review. In this phase each student took their 65+ concepts and condensed them down to 3 that best depicted the voice of their particular market segment.This is not an easy task considering the mass volume of content. To do this we constantly refined directions. Many times when developing product ideas there are several in one general area. This is very typical in our process and while we are generating massive amounts on product ideas we are focused in a few areas.

The review sessions were conducted on Tuesday July 20th and Thursday July 22nd. These sessions allowed each student to present there top concepts and explain why they best addressed their target market. Each day consisted of 3 hours of presentations and while this was a bit of a grind on the students I found the time when by very quickly. The student’s work was full of innovation and very impressive. See below, I think you will also be impressed

Next on the schedule is our Validation/Refinement phase.

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